About Pharmagate®

About Pharmagate ®

Pharmagate® is an educational provider established in 2012. 

Pharmagate® is home to around 150 international and Canadian pharmacy graduates every year. Pharmagate® continues to help its hundreds of alumni to strive towards further career success.

The founders of and the educators serving Pharmagate® are academically affiliated and practicing clinical pharmacists who specialize in developing educational pharmacy and professional development programs for internationally trained pharmacists & Canadian graduates in order to successfully challenge the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) exams.

Available Programs

  • The PEBC Evaluating Examination Program
  • The PEBC Qualifying Exam-1 Program (MCQ)
  • The PEBC Qualifying Exam-2 Program (OSCE)

Programs Overview

  • Our intensive programs are available as classroom-based as well as online live, virtual classes and will train you thoroughly and systematically on multiple competencies spanning the most updated PEBC blueprint.
  • Our programs are delivered in a unique Question-Answer format.
  • Questions are designed in such a way to deliver focused and structured study material and NOT merely to answer a random query.
  • Our sessions are systematic and subject-oriented.
  • Programs contents are continuously updated to keep with the pace of the updated clinical guidelines and practice standards.
  • Your time efficiency will be appraised constantly and boosted significantly.
  • Your weekly performance in specific modules will be continually assessed in a comprehensive weekly quiz that parallels the program book.
  • Your overall performance will be critically assessed by professional mock exams to guide recommendations and informed decisions regarding challenging the PEBC exams based on results and statistics.
  • Mock exams are designed in such a way to closely mimic the weight distribution of the PEBC modules and competencies in the real exam.
  • We use technology outside the class environment to maintain interactive educational chats and answer your questions instantaneously throughout the week in order to reinforce class learning.
  • Our programs will prepare you NOT only for licensure exams but also for an advanced clinical practice.

Program Materials and Publications

  • A comprehensive and concise 1000-page book is offered to candidates.
  • Free access to CTC, CPS, CTMA, the full Lexicomp, the Canadian Pharmacist's Letter, the Natural Medicines Comprehensive database (NMCD) and other important references is granted to each candidate.