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Pharmagate® is an educational provider established in 2012. 
Pharmagate® is home to around 150 international and Canadian pharmacy graduates every year. Pharmagate® continues to help its hundreds of alumni to strive towards further career success.
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    Minor Ailments (Part 1) - MCQ November 2022

    Created by: Dr. Karim Michail

    This quiz is expected to cover the following topics:

    • Eye diseases and ambulatory conditions:
      • pink/red eye/conjunctivitis,
      • blepharitis,
      • dry eye disease, and
      • directions for use of eye drops and eye ointments
      • Herpetic conjunctivitis
      • Glaucoma versus elevated intraocular pressure
      • Post-operative care for cataract surgery
      • Age-related macular degeneration
    • Ear ambulatory ailments:

      • otitis media,
      • otitis externa,
      • impacted ear wax,
      • barotrauma, and
      • directions for use of ear drops
    • Respiratory ambulatory ailments:

      • differential diagnosis upper respiratory tract infection (URTI),
      • common cold (viral rhinitis),
      • influenza,
      • allergic rhinitis/rhinoconjunctivitis, mite, and pet allergy,
      • sore throat versus strep throat,
      • strep throat/bacterial pharyngitis,
      • croup,
      • humidifiers use,
      • acute rhinosinusitis, and
      • directions for use of nasal sprays and metered-dose inhalers
    • Mouth ambulatory ailments:

      • canker sores,
      • cold sores,
      • oral thrush,
      • dry mouth, and
      • Gingivitis and periodontitis
    • Infectious skin & keratin ambulatory ailments:

      • Herpetic viral skin rashes (chickenpox & shingles), other viral skin rashes, and
      • fungal skin infections (tinea/dermatophytes and yeast infections), tinea versicolor, and Athlete's foot,
      • fungal nail infections or onychomycosis,
      • diaper/nappy rash (diaper irritant and infectious dermatitis),
      • bacterial skin infections (e.g., impetigo, furuncles, etc.), and
      • human papilloma virus (HPV) skingenital and precancerous warts (common, plantar, flat, anogenital, and oncogenic warts).

    Sample Quiz - Pharmagate 2021/2022

    Pharmagate® questions are constantly updated to keep with the pace of updates in clinical practice guidelines and contemporary hot topics in management and pharmacy practice. 

    Pharmagate® questions are designed in such a way to deliver a focused, structured and systematic study material and NOT to provide merely some casual answers to random questions. This means that each question stem along with the answers is carefully prepared to provide a complete study guide in a systematic way for each topic.

    Pharmagate® Q-bank is "module-oriented" and all PEBC competencies, as per the most updated NAPRA blueprint, will be reviewed systematically in order to build clinical knowledge and transfer practice skills.

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